Shades Technologies

ShADES Technologies

Next-Gen Parascientific Military Technology and Devices


VoiD Silencers (Original Variant)
- $12,000

The original anomalous silencer in its natural state; the VoiD Silencer will mute any gunshot and conceal any blast fire, and will also lessen the recoil of your weapon, however, living to its' name, the silencer may sometimes shoot out 'crystallized' metals, unknown rocks or other strange projectiles.

VoiD Silencers (ADoWW Variant)
- $25,000

ShADES' own upgrade of the original improves on everything the original offers, and more!.

Distortion Element - Solid Form (250g)
- $20,000

Bite-sized orders; anything lined or covered with this strange element is guaranteed to be harder to notice, harder to focus on and definitely harder to kill, almost like it affects your mind!'

DISCLAIMER: Proper melting of the item and coating of an object must be done by professionals; prolonged visual contact may trigger nausea, disorientation and confusion.

- $1,750 each

An original weapon - fashioned from the 'spine' leaves of the Primal Cycad, and infused with ShADES ingenuity and essence, ShARDS™ are grooved, dagger-style weapons that dissipate into thin air upon being used to strike with. No mess, no fingerprints to find, no evidence!

Now with deadlier Cycad bases, the ShARDS'™ new serrated edge and harder skin is sure to cause deadly injuries to your opponent! It has also been altered by our occultist friends at the Thaumatologics Central Institute to cause massive pain!

Cloaking Gen-I Device
- $86,500

The starter version that uses Gen-I technology; this device will actually make you semi-transparent for a maximum time of 4 hours. It also destroys any reflective or neon effect.

Cloaking Gen-II Device
- $325,000

The current cutting-edge version of cloaking devices that belong to the ADoWW series, this version has a 45% transparency maximum setting, a 72-hour battery life and is the first of its kind to utilize anomalous technologies. Tested safe to all humans.


  • 08/01/14 - Gen-III Cloak dear is almost ready for public distribution.
  • 07/01/14 - Check out our new and improved ShARDS™!
  • 06/05/14 - We are now accepting private requests for places to expand in South Asia.


  • Gen-III devices have finished final testing today and are almost ready for distribution.
  • Thanks to a generous donation from our friends at the Chaos Insurgency, we have received six safe instances of their highly-sought-after Ghost Gas Masks. We hope we can discover how to reverse-engineer and replicate them and find ways to improve them.
  • After some testing and some help from our friends at Guillotine Engineering, we have created a stronger, more efficient 'cloaking matrix' for our Cloak Devices. We hope that, by August, we will be ready to distribute our Gen-III 'GHoST' series of concealment and cloaking devices.


Behind the Cloak

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